The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely.

This course is an 8-hours long course that includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development.

Students will receive:female

  • NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure
  • Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet
  • Take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination
  • Course completion certificate

(Based on Lesson Plan 2nd edition, 2009, 02/11)


You may combine credits for a total of 8 hours to be used toward your course. For help in determining which Concealed Carry Course you will need to attend click here. You MUST provide proof of these credits to instructor.

Please note that the “Florida CC Permit” will give you the ability to legally carry your firearm in 34 additional states.

Pricing is for training only. The individual permits carry additional fees.

For Info/FAQ on Illinois Conceal Carry and eligibility click here.

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