Staff Biographies

Stephen Yandell

1Stephen is a Certified Correctional Officer with over 30 years of combined Professional and Recreational firearm experience and is the lead instructor on all firearms related classes at N-Sight Training.

He is a lifelong 2nd Amendment supporter and a gun safety advocate. Stephen brings his expertise and knowledge to not only beginners, but to those yearning to extend their knowledge of everything Firearms.

As an instructor he is eager to train students on everything from safety to technique as well as the legalities that go along with Conceal and Carry in Illinois.

He holds multiple certifications from the NRA & the Illinois State Police that include:

  • Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor
  • NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • NRA Range Safety Officer

Stephen (a lifetime resident of Mt. Vernon, IL) along with his wife Susan and their 2 children, cordially invite you and your family to join theirs and start enjoying your 2nd Amendment rights with N-Sight Training.



Mike Irwin

Mark IrwinMr. Irwin is the currrent Cheif of Police in West Frankfort IL. as well as the lead instructor on all Non-Firearms related & Corporate classes that N-Sight Training offers. In late 2010 Mr. Irwin retired as a Commander with the Illinois State Police after a very rewarding 27 year career during which time he held several positions including :

  • Commander ( District 13 )
  • Operations Lieutenant ( Districts 11 & 17 )
  • Director of the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group (Narcotics Enforcement)
  • Team Leader for the South Tactical Response Team (S.W.A.T Unit)

He has also achieved extensive education and instructor certifications throughout his time with the I.S.P. in areas of Management, Investigation, Critical Incident Response and Tactical Operations Planning.

Over the past 20 years Mr. Irwin has conducted training for the Department of Homeland Security,U.S Department of Justice, and Universities, not to mention numerous law enforcement agencies and corporate clients throughout the country. He is also a published author and consultant for Caliber Press. (The largest producer of Law Enforcement training material in the United States).